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Make your journey of recovery faster and more effective with Visionbody Power Suit.

EMS for Rehab Patients

EMS works like a turbo booster by stimulating the blood circulation and blood flow to the muscles through every movement that you or your physiotherapist help you do in your training session.

VisionBody has developed a solution that can help people with limited mobility to significantly speed up the rehabilitation process...

An EMS suit that is safe and can be purchased through The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding as part of the Assistive Technology category. VisionBody Rehab Suit is the best solution to keep the muscles alive, re-accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, and activate the dying cells. A range of options is available so get in touch with our NDIS specialists team to find what best works for you

Visionbody POWER SUIT

Visionbody Power Suit is designed with electrodes pads on the chest, arm, back, lower back, abdomen, bottom, and thighs. We can't cure disease, but Visionbody Power Suit can accelerate the healing process. It's a device that increases blood flow to the body's damaged tissues to stimulate faster tissue repair. This means faster recovery time and less pain for patients. This suit is a real asset when it comes to activating muscles and speeding up the road to recovery.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training for Chronic Illness

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training is an increasingly popular tool in critical care medicine. EMS devices are designed to provide patients with low-intensity electrical pulses that create a temporary increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery to the tissue, thereby reducing pain and spasticity of muscles.

After a stroke or other neurological injury, patients may have muscular weakness or full paralysis (sometimes called hemiplegia). They may also experience a sudden inability to perform everyday tasks, sensory loss, pain, or a combination of these symptoms. Electrodes are applied to the skin for electrical stimulation. By contracting your muscles, these tiny electrodes provide moderate electrical signals to them. Electrical stimulation for stroke patients may help stimulate damaged brain areas. Neuroplasticity is used by the brain to remodel itself and recuperate from traumas like strokes.

In patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), EMS training is recommended to improve glycemic control and oxygen uptake. Patients with type 2 diabetes saw a decrease in the mean symptom score or self-reported improvement in burning sensations and sleep disturbances as a result of the EMS treatment. Patients treated with pain medication had an improvement of mean symptoms by ≥30%.

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders generally characterized by motor, locomotion, or muscular impairment. EMS is a type of therapy that gives the muscles a small amount of electricity. EMS training for cerebral palsy works to lessen the effects of stiffness and spasms in the muscles of the person who has it. This method does not weaken or damage the muscles of the patients in the same way that other methods do. In this case, electrodes can be put on top of the muscle or near the body part that hurts. They send very small, almost inaudible electrical impulses to the muscle tissue through electrodes on the skin.

Boost Your Recovery Quicker with Visionbody Power Suit

Patients with various health conditions, including those with muscular atrophy, chronic pain, post-stroke condition, fibromyalgia, or spinal cord injury may benefit from utilising Visionbody Power Suit. Visionbody Power Suit can be used to treat weak or atrophied muscles resulting from an injury or from long periods of immobility. Speed up your rehab and return to your normal life quicker with Visionbody Power Suit.

Muscle recovery through the use of electrical muscle stimulation is usually applied during the initial stages of rehabilitation, usually on individuals that have not used their muscles for an extended amount of time due to injury. When an injury prevents movement, the muscles involved in such injury are not used, or at least not with their own mechanical activation. Muscles that are not used do not receive any stimulation from the brain, so their muscle fibers deteriorate. Visionbody Power Suit can target and cause the contraction of specific unused muscle groups without worsening your injury, strengthening them through the cognitive links between the brain and muscles.

Visionbody Power Suit can focus on the deeper muscle layers to strengthen weak and damaged back muscles without placing any burden on your body, whether the pain is in your lower back, middle back, or upper back, or you have disc cartilage degeneration. Visionbody Power Suit also strengthens supporting muscles in the glutes and core to buttress your back and help prevent future back injuries.

If you’re suffering from a knee injury, there are many methods to help you recover. VisionBody offers their Rehab Suit to aid recovery. The regenerative powers of Visionbody Power Suit will provide tremendous pain relief, whether you have an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, a cartilage injury, or are rehabilitating after knee replacement. The suit is designed so that users won’t put a strain on their knees and it can regain the strength of the muscles surrounding the knee joint, making the recovery process easier and faster.

Patients who are confined to wheelchairs, beds, or other equipment that applies continual pressure to the same area are more likely to develop pressure sores, also known as bed sores. VisionBody Rehab Suit can be used to reduce the risk of these occurring by stimulating the affected areas. For example, for wheelchair-bound patients, the electrodes around the glutes area on the suit can avoid any deformities and maintain proper buttock shape, also reducing the occurrence of bedsores.

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I was amazed. If I had been able to wear this suit when I first had my stroke, I think my progress and rehabilitation would have been a lot faster and a lot better. Within weeks of using the suit, I found that I was able to move my body in ways that I didn’t think would ever happen again.

- Rebecca -



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