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In simple terms, electrical impulses are targeted via dry electrodes to trigger muscle contractions in key muscle groups.

The strength and duration of the impulses are managed via a control device.

The suit will magnify the benefits that you receive from each movement during your workout.

  • 20 minutes of EMS is like a 3 hour workout to your body
  • Maximum performance increases by up to 30% within a few weeks
  • Muscle mass increases by up to 14% within a few months

In short, maximum results for your efforts every time.

The power-suit, EMS-box, washing bag, and user manual. You can download the Visionbody app for your Apple iOS devices from the playstore.

Our patented wireless design means you lose no motion or flexibility during any workout routine. And our EMS technology gives you the ability to increase your workout intensity up to 300% for any workout activity or training event.

EMS has been around since 1902! It is not only safe, it has many beneficial traits. EMS has been used by therapists for rehabilitation for decades. During your training session you will receive low frequency currents to aid muscle contraction. You own muscle work on low frequency currents during normal movement too.

In this case, less is more! Our German engineers developed frequency modulations that will help you train effectively in just 2 x 20-minute workouts per week.

Your suit will activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously during a 20 min workout. This also includes those difficult to target, deep muscle tissues for maximum results. Our unique pulse stimulation method creates muscle fibre simulation for faster muscle gains all round.

Yes it will! From burning fat deposits, to tightening hips and waist. This suit will do it all.

You won’t have to wait long. After a few sessions your tone and posture will already be improving. Within the first 8 to 10 sessions, weight loss and posture will be even more visibly improved.

Your suit has been designed to give a holistic approach to your exercise routine. The preset modes will cover all of your requirements for working out and achieving optimal results:


The CARDIO program trains basic endurance levels,which serve as the basis for further training programs. The 15-20 minute program serves to improve basic stamina.


Is used to build muscle. You can also choose between different intensities and training lengths. But beware, this program is addictive.


combines muscle and metabolism stimulation, thereby boosting fat burning. Combined with a longer training time, fat burning goes into turbo mode. Goodbye to cellulite!


This program relaxes the muscles through a variety of loosening contractions. The MASSAGE program is an ideal way to pamper your muscles after a strenuous workout.

Sore muscles are a sign, however not an absolute must for intensive training. Any rigorous training can result in muscle pain, and this is also the case with the Visionbody Power suit, depending on the intensity and complexity of the workout. EMS works the muscle harder, so you may notice more tightness during the recovery period than after a traditional workout. If you feel overly tight, simply reduce the settings for the next training session.

We stock black and urban camouflage currently.

Our patented German technology is an evolution in suit design. Just put it on, warm up, and go!

That’s easy. Subscribe to visionbodytv on YouTube. Our creative team regularly posts new challenges and exercise routines. While you are there, check out our testimonials from athletes such as NFL Pro – Jonathan Allen.

Just do your normal pre-workout warm up and you are good to go. It is advised to do a work out before any training session. A Vision Body workout is no different. In fact, the suit will aid you to warm up properly. The biofeedback system will alert you to any body part that requires additional work out before starting your routine.

The personal suit is for everyone. It comes with a power pack and a smartphone app to make it into a fully autonomous unit. You can safely use your suit at the gym, at home, or even in the park.

Talk to our live chat team and they will direct you to the nearest VisionBody Gym.

Alternatively, you can email Don't forget to include your postcode.

Yes we do. Please contact our live chat team to discuss in more detail.

Yes, please visit and you will find a wealth of training ideas and tutorials.

Feel free to sign up for our affiliate program email

Once you sign up we will send you access to our support portal which has everything you need to get started.

Your suit can be easily washed in a 30°C wash. Just make sure you let it dry out naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

Of course. You can return it for a refund of the purchase price within 30 days of receipt.

Vision Body equipment and apparel are engineered to meet the highest quality (European standard) on the market. We are confident that you will love it and have no issues. But if you do, we have a very competitive 4 years warranty on the box, and 100 washes for the suit. As your suit only needs to be washed every 3 to 4 sessions, this equates to around 1 year of use. Please refer to the included instruction manual with regard to caring for the Visionbody suit.

Get in touch with our expert technical team at One of our team will get back to you in no time.

Electrical stimulation is one of the most effective forms of training in the world. You should be in good physical health to use it. However, it is also used as an effective form of physio-therapy.

Please consult a medical professional before using the suit if you suffer from certain medical conditions such as heart problems (a full list of conditions can be found here  )



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