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What is EMS and how it will change your life!

Do you find that life gets in the way of you achieving your health and fitness goals? A 20-minute EMS session is as effective as up to 4 hours of regular training and you need minimal to no equipment. It sounds too good to be true, I know! Read on to discover how this incredible piece of technology works and how it will revolutionise your training routine and life.

“20 Minutes of EMS session is as effective as up to 4 hours of regular training”

What can EMS do for you?

  • It gives you lower abdominal fat: Strength training is more effective at reducing abdominal fat than cardiovascular exercise. It works by increasing lean muscle mass which stimulates metabolism making your body more effective at burning fat in daily life, not just during your workout session.
  • Training with EMS is about convenience: It’s small, fits in your wardrobe, even in your backpack and can provide incredible muscular tension without any additional equipment! 
      1. It increases muscle strength and endurance. EMS training improves not just your muscle mass but also Muscle strength and endurance, and smooths out the appearance of your skin by combating cellulite. 
      2. It will help you stay young and healthy: Studies show that EMS training can enhance heart health, bone health, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase bone density, reduce back pain and ease symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • It helps overcome injury and condition specific training obstacles: EMS is an amazing way to help you stay fit and healthy or regain fitness during injury or a long term condition such as arthritis. The innovation behind this suit makes effective training achievable for absolutely anyone.
    1. Relieve muscle pain and reduce post workout muscle soreness: muscle stimulation produces heat, which speeds up blood circulation in the area, thus helping to remove waste products. EMS can help minimize muscle stiffness, cramping, and general fatigue.

    We were fed up with the fitness industry’s mantra ‘no pain - no gain’ we believe in ‘working smarter not harder’”

    Now you know the amazing things the Visionbody Suit can do for you. But you are probably wondering how it works?

    EMS stands for Electro muscle stimulation. Simply put the Visionbody suit sends electrical impulses to your muscles to promote muscle contractions also known as tension. The same happens with regular exercising when you lift weights, move with speed or intensity. What makes the suit so special is that every second of your workout you will be recruiting muscles from your full body, activating more muscle and therefore ramping up your caloric burn and strengthening every part of your body. EMS causes Slow-twitch (used for endurance) and Fast-twitch (used for strength and power) muscle fibers to contract, providing benefits to your strength, endurance, and recovery from training. EMS training with the Visionbody system applies tension to your whole body and forces your muscles to adapt and grow stronger & faster than with regular training. It is also a perfect add on to your regular training routine like tennis, soccer, running, and fitness training. Simply combine it with the exercises you love and power up your training. 



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