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How will EMS training will help you overcome three major problems that come with regular strength training and help you burn fat and gain lean muscle.

Strength training is a key ingredient to achieving long lasting fat-loss and increasing the rate at which your body burns calories (that means you can eat more good food without gaining KG’s WIN WIN!). Muscle burns more calories than fat mass. Do you find obstacles that prevent you from starting or maintaining a consistent strength training plan? Read on and we will explain how the Vision Body suit will eliminate these obstacles and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

“2 x 20-minute training sessions a week with the Vision Body EMS suit is enough to create an awesome fat loss effect”.

How does the Vision Body suit combat your strength training obstacles?

  • Time: Most of us do not have a lot of time to spend working out with traditional strength or training methods. EMS is the best solution to modern time management problems. Forty minutes per week divided into 2x20 minute sessions vs. 3-6 hours of regular training with 45-60 mins per session.
  • Intensity through heavy- weights: Intensity relates to speed when interval training and muscle tension when training for strength. Both things are not easy to handle for a person with a beginner or intermediate level of training experience. EMS helps you to go with the movement that is best for you and the speed you can handle. Because the speed and tension is handled by the EMS impulses. The EMS suit helps you to activate the right muscles and stimulates both slow and fast twitch muscle fibres.
  • Safety: Intensity requires a lot of tension which is only produced by higher speed (higher impact) or more mechanical tension requiring heavy- weights. This causes concerns for safety and often is the cause of injury. Not to mention a huge inconvenience due to the need for heavy, bulky and expensive equipment. EMS is the safest way to produce tension because no weights are needed to produce mechanical tension. The suit does this for you!
  • “Our Visionbody EMS Suits helps you to make intensity safe and effective. Functional EMS Training is the best thing you can do to produce fat loss results while saving time, energy, and money!”

    Worried that you won’t know how to make the best out of the EMS suit? Do not worry, our team is here to provide you with tech support, and training advice.  And our Vision Body Blog will keep you up to date with training videos and the latest information in health and fitness and all things EMS! 



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