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Percussion Massage Device

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Percussion massagers don’t need to cost you a fortune. With the right combination of technology and more judicious use of materials, we have can come up with equally-effective percussion massager without necessarily jacking up its price so much that it becomes out-of-reach of ordinary folks like many of us are.

Our percussion massager can soothe stiff and sore muscles, improve recovery, and help overall mobility. Best of all, it comes with a price tag that is more pocket-friendly.

Seamlessly change head attachments and adjust speeds for a customised massage experience for maximum results in minimum time. Featuring lightweight durable ergonomic design you can take the comfort of relaxation on-the-go. Our cordless percussion massager moves at a very quick pace of 53 to 54 oscillations per second.
  • designed with a powerful high-torque motor that delivers up to 3200 percussions every minute. That’s an astonishing 53 to 54 oscillations every second
  • Extra-long 3-hour battery life for extended use
  • 4 different interchangeable head attachments that you can easily interchange. There’s a ball-shaped attachment, a two-prong massage, a dampener, and a flat-head attachment
What is Percussion Therapy?
Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness 
Improves range of motion 
Promotes circulation 
Accelerates warmup and recovery